Hygrophila odora

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Hygrophila odora

I have had a specimen of Hygrophila odora for about six months in one of my tanks now. I got the plants from Heiko Muth in the summer of 2011. All plants were emersed cuttings with entire leaves.

I planted three shoots in my discus tank at 27°C, under bright lights and full trace element fertiliser. (Macro-nutrients are fed into the water sufficiently through the discus food).

Albeit growth is somewhat slow, the plants have formed a considerable patch now. The overall shape is somewhere between Hygrophila difformis and H. balsamica. Leaves are pinnate, always lime green and slightly stiff. Tips are are rounded and bent downwards.

Hygrophila odora

Hygrophila odora in the Aquarium

The plant reportedly produces a strong odour (“Goat”). Sizes can be up to 1mwith thick stems and sticky leaves. Handsome purple flowers are produced. Emersed leaves are mostly entire but can develop pinnate foliage under warm and humid conditions:

Limnophila odora emers

Hygrophila odora emers

This plant is not available commercially, not even at Extraplant, making it a rare aquarium plant. I’m not quite sure why it has a reputation of being a bit fickle. Despite its moderate growth, it has been a suitable plant for the aquarium so far. I’ll keep the updates coming in and should anything happen to it, you’ll read it here.

So far, it seems to be enjoying itself and looking good.

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