Hydrocotyle tripartita

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Hydrocotyle tripartita

Just a short post on a plant I was able to buy at an auction a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: This plant is now a regular item in the shop.

Submerged, this Hydrocotyle makes an excellent foreground carpeting plant. It responds well to pruning and will branch out eagerly after cutting. In contrast to the related H. sibthorpioides, this species will attach well to the substrate and is an easy submerged grower. The dense foliage looks great in both Nature Aquariums as well as traditional Dutch setups.

Hydrocotyle spec. "Japan"

Hydrocotyle tripartita submersed

Emersed culture is equally rewarding. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see any flowers yet. I suppose, this plant is a short-day flowering species. I guess, I’ll know in a few weeks.

Hydrocotyle spec "Japan" emers

Hydrocotyle tripartita emersed

Planting is best achieved by pulling the individual cuttings deep into the substrate with some sharp forceps to ensure each plantlet is firmly anchored to the gravel.

Here’s my aquarium basics:

KH: 4
pH: 6.75
Temp: 25.5 °C
Light: Very high
Lighting Period: 10.5 h/day

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