I finally got round today to do my write-up on some photos I took on my last trip while visiting some aquarium shops in Singapore. I liked the fact that most shops had made the effort to set up some showcase aquariums. Almost all of the tanks on display were doing well, which is what I would expect to see as these tanks were set up by experts running aquarium shops…. Aquascaping and keeping healthy plants is a lot more of an issue in Singapore than it is in Germany, where the majority of aquarists seem to be more concerned with fishkeeping. Most shops in Germany reflect this – you’ll have a hard time finding tanks with proper aquascaping such as the ones below. Especially in smaller shops.

Sam's Pet and Aquarium

See-through Tank

I took the photo above at “Sam’s Pet & Aquarium”. Notice the Eichhornia diversifolia in the right foreground corner. There is also some creeping Ludwigia in the opposite foreground corner.

The same shop had some beautiful old-style display cabinets in the back where aquarium plants were actuallykept (and not just immersed until sold).


Display tanks at Sam's Pet & Aquarium

Notice the typical crammed shop with hundreds of items stuffed into it. This is absolutely normal for Singapore shops and it seems to be almost a required set-up to make shopping more interesting.

The next stop was NA Nature Aquarium. Similarly crammed and a nicely set up tank here:

Becken bei NA Nature Aquarium, Singapur

Tank at NA Nature Aquarium, Singapore

I wish I could remember which shop the next one was. Serves me right for sitting on this for so long. I’ll have to find out on my next visit. The tanks were set up Nature-Style (like all of them were) and presented themselves in perfect condition.
I wonder if the Dutch style will have a renaissance one day. I guess it is bound to. My prediction is that aquarium sizes will increase again once the Dutch style returns. It just doesn’t lend itself particularly well to all that nano business…

Amano-Style Becken

Amano-Style Tank

This tank was still immature but showed a promising concept. Notice the other tank in the back. It is the one below:

Mehr Amano Style

More Amano Style

The Vallisneria sp. is flowering (notice the corkscrew threads), which adds a nice touch to this scene. The set up is quite symmetric with the driftwood stuck bang in the middle but somehow, it doesn’t bother me that much. Maybe the exception to the rule… (“Never stick anything in the middle. Always use a 1,68 to 1 ratio”). Always nice to see some folks disobeying the set rule…

The next shop I didn’t have to remember. Luckily, it had its name printed across its door :)

You have to navigate around a big tank to get in. Notice the big, red-finned fish? I swam with those at the Endau Rompin National Park and they looked a lot happier there…

Sea View Aquarium

Sea View Aquarium

Once inside, you get a very broad selection of fish, plants and endless aquarium gear.

There were some rather unusual forms of Glossolepis incisus and Mikrogeophagus ramirezi on sale. These don’t seem to be very popular in Europe. I had never seen them before. Not sure if I would like to keep these either…

Kugel- Microgeophagus ramirezi

Fancy Microgeophagus ramirezi


Kugel- Glossolepis incisus

Fancy Glossolepis incisus

Some nano-tanks were also on display. The grassy groundcover in the top tank is Lilaeopsis mauritiana. I think this plant is much under-hyped. It is very easy to grow and develops a dense grassy carpet.

Lilaeopsis mauritianus

Lilaeopsis mauritianus

This is not an uncommon way of selling aquarium plants in Singapore: You could say this is literally off-the-shelf marketing. The biggest advantage for the shop is that these plants can just be taken to checkout. No need to call for a shop assistant to extract individual plants out of a tank for you. I really like this. The slight magnification through the plastic bags could be considered an added bonus.

Pflanzen zu Verkaufen...

Pflanzen zu Verkaufen...

The last stop was a shop dedicated to shrimps (there is also a moss-shop but I didn’t have the time to go there). Shrimps have become hugely popular (and so have mosses) as they keep planted aquaria clean of algae and are beautiful to look at. This owner is really serious about his shrimps:

Singapore Shrimp Shop

Singapore Shrimp Shop

The little guy on the sunblind is a SS grade shrimp and sells for Sing$ 45 each. SS grade Shrimps are almost pure white with just a red dot on the head.

Here’s one I photographed inside the shop:

Singapore Shrimp Shop

Singapore Shrimp Shop

OK, that’s all for now. My next trip will be to HongKong, hopefully to collect some new plants for propagation…